Why Taking Care Of Your Feet Is Important


Both of our feet combined make up a quarter of the total number of bones in our bodies and 6% of the muscles. Even so, we often overlook them, considering there are other parts of our bodies that need to be handled.

However, if you want to live a healthy life and keep wearing heels when you go out or run at a marathon, you need to start paying attention to your feet as well. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should look after this part of your body.

Toenail conditions

Wearing uncomfortable shoes all the time can result in something more than just blisters and calluses. Your toenails are quite sensitive and can easily develop specific conditions that might jeopardize your health.

A fungal infection, for instance, will cause pain and discoloration to the nails, making them look less appealing, and even forcing you to wear closed-toe shoes in the summer. On the other hand, ingrown toenails can often lead to swelling, irritations, redness, and pain. If you want to avoid these conditions, you need to properly look after your feet and choose shoes that offer increased skin ventilation.



People with diabetes have a hard time healing, living with open wounds for months or even years in a row. Untreated, these wounds can lead to further infections that can cause a series of health problems, and even the amputation of legs.

Another problem most people with diabetes face is poor blood circulation that will cause your feet to swell and feel painful throughout the day. The easiest way to prevent this is to exercise constantly and wear comfortable shoes that can absorb all shocks and won’t put additional pressure on your feet and legs.



Arthritis represents a health condition that causes the lining of the joints and the cartilage to become inflamed and swollen. It is painful and, unfortunately, untreatable. However, with the right medication and mild physical activity, pain can diminish and people suffering from arthritis can live a normal life.

If you want to prevent tender joints, swelling, redness, morning stiffness, and other symptoms associated with arthritis, you should look after your feet. Avoid standing for hours or wearing uncomfortable shoes. Wear weather-appropriate clothes and boost your body mobility by taking calcium and vitamin D supplements.


Skin problems

Corns, calluses, psoriasis, warts, and athlete’s foot represent conditions and skin problems often caused by poor hygiene and fungus.

These problems usually cause mild and short-term discomfort and can be easily treated with meds and with better foot hygiene. Wearing the right shoes, washing them and changing socks often, as well as some baths from Epsom salt can help you heal faster and reduce swelling and inflammation.

How to get the perfect present for this year’s Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is the ideal time to celebrate the nurture giver in our lives, so before buying a gift, you should research some of the most popular and unique models the market has to offer. This list is filled with ideas that are bound to impress all mothers around the world. Let’s get started!

As a general note, an awesome gift for a mother is something which is going to help her with daily life or something that she is going to use rather than just put on a shelf to be admired by guests. It doesn’t matter what category the product fits, as it can be a kitchen appliance like a blender, or something that is going to allow her to unwind after a day of work like a feet massager.

If you want some inspiration and something that is going to make your decision-making process more manageable, I suggest you go on , which is a great resource when it comes to gifts of any kind. I am pretty sure you are going to find something there that is going to make both you and your mom happy and satisfied.

Another tip to bring some clarity into this confusing world of presents is to go for items which mean something to you and your family at a personal level. Buy her a gadget that resembles something from your past that made her happy, or a futurist photo frame which has your childhood photo always on display.

We left behind that era when handmade gifts were the norm, but it doesn’t mean you can’t buy her something that is just as personal, intimate and emotional. Luckily, manufacturers have our backs and offer the buyer many customizable choices which can make the difference between a successful present and a failure.

If you feel like it’s time you offered her something that is a bit more out of the box, the new way to make a statement is to go for furniture pieces. The Internet is filled with cool decorative products like vintage chairs, wood coffee tables and many other quirky products that could transform your parent’s house and give your mother a new perspective on life.

Some other excellent Mother’s day gifts that will make an impression are mugs. Those products are highly customizable as you can write messages on them, quotes from her favorite movie or book, and they are useful and cheap at the same time.

It’s a well-known fact that you can never have too many favorite mugs. The same things can be said about photo frames and candles, as all of these products offer you a lot of versatility.


Mexican food I love


If you’re about to travel or study in Mexico, you’re probably already eager to try out all the best dishes the exotic country has to offer. It has many US, Spanish, Maya, and Aztec influences that people find unique and delicious. Mexican food is famous in the US and around the world because it has bold flavors and elaborate recipes that only use fresh ingredients.

In fact, it was even named part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Down below you have my favorite recipes I’ve tried while backpacking across the borders of our neighbor.

Huevos rancheros

Let’s start our foody list with one of the best Mexican dishes for breakfast. It will wake you up instantly and fuel you with energy so you’ll be up to any challenge. Huevos rancheros are fried eggs, just like your classic morning meal, but with a twist. On the side, you can usually find corn tortillas and salsa. They’re easy to make, even before you had your coffee, and they go well with beans and avocado.



Pozole is a traditional soup that dates back to the turbulent times of the Aztec people when it was part of many meaningful rituals. It’s made from hominy, which is dried maize kernels, mixed with pork. You can also add toppings such as cabbage, onion and garlic, chili peppers or avocado, which seems to be present in all Mexican dishes. Nowadays, Mexican people eat pozole when they want to celebrate important events such as the Mexican Independence Day or Christmas.

Mole poblano

This is something that can be found across the continent and not only in Mexico, although it is mostly considered their national dish.

It is a variety of mole or a mix of sauces used in Mexican cuisine. The sauce is thick, and it is made out of more than 20 ingredients, from chili peppers to chocolate, which gives it a fantastic and pleasing range of flavors. It too is reserved for special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays.



For our final food delivery, we have the ever-so-famous tacos. I couldn’t end this and not talk about the most cherished Mexican snack. If you already had tacos in the USA, you must try them in Mexico City, to feel the authentic taste. Tacos can be prepared in many ways, with meat or with vegetables, and they are usually wrapped in a corn shell or even in lettuce. It is a diverse type of food that is often described as an explosion of pleasure for your taste buds.

This list does not even begin to cover even the most basic of the foods Mexico has to offer. It would take years to discover the dishes of each region. But if you are a food lover, a trip to the country is a must, especially since everything is so cheap there.

Fun facts about Easter


Easter is one of humanity’s most important holidays. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, an event that brings light, joy, hope and a sunny season.

Also, they believe that this holiday could be a new beginning and, since it comes after a long fasting period (in orthodox cultures, especially), children and grown-ups are happy because they can crack coloured eggs, eat chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, other tasty goodies and participate in fun activities associated with this holiday.

An interesting fact about Easter is that often people forget about its religious importance and focus on the commercial side. The colorful, delicious symbols associated with Easter capture everyone’s attention; all children want to receive a gift from their favorite bunny and adults dream about having a relaxing afternoon surrounded by friends and family.

Now that this beautiful holiday is so close, let’s find out some fun facts about it:


  1. Although it is a Christian holiday, the name comes from the Anglo-Saxon goddess ”Eastre”, a divinity who symbolizes eggs and hares;
  2. The cute rabbit has been associated with Easter because it is a symbol of procreation, fertility and new beginnings. Over the centuries, he has become the legendary character that brings gifts to nice kids during the Easter holiday;
  3. Christians have chosen the egg as another symbol of Easter because they believe that it represents Jesus’ resurrection and the way He defeated death;
  4. The white lily is considered to be the Easter flower. Since it represents spiritual values like virtue, innocence, purity, life and hope, it can also be associated with the resurrection. However, remember to keep it away from your cats, because it is toxic for them;
  5. Florida hosted the largest egg hunt in history; with this occasion, over 500,000 eggs were searched by 9,753 children;
  6. In America, Easter also is the second big holiday when everybody can eat a lot of sweets. Of course, the first one is Halloween;
  7. Almost 19% of children (1 in 5) say that they got sick after they ate too much chocolate bunnies or eggs during the Easter holidays;
  8. Americans are big fans of chocolate figures; over 90 million bunnies and 91.4 billion eggs are produced from this material each year. During the spring holiday, over 16 million jelly beans are produced to fill the egg’s center and consumed in the USA. The quantity could circle the globe three times;
  9. When they eat an Easter chocolate bunny, most people start with the ears. The feet come second in people’s preferences chart, followed by the tail;
  10. Next to chocolate eggs and bunnies, other popular Easter sweets are jelly beans and marshmallows shaped like birds and animals associated with spring.


With all these eye-catching elements, it’s easy to forget about Easter’s actual meaning. In this Holy day, the most important thing is to have peace and kindness in your heart and be surrounded by the people you love.  Don’t forget to welcome the light in your house and soul!


My favorite books



Whenever someone asks me what my favorite books are, I realize I’m at a loss. I’ve been reading since I was five because my parents were kind enough to teach me early on account of them not wanting to read the subtitles to foreign movies anymore. I love languages and grammar and have always felt that one can do anything with words.

So, having literally read thousands of books in just about thirty-five years I’ve been on the Earth, I find it very difficult to focus on several. However, I decided to make a list that I would show to my friends in case someone asks me that again.

Blindness by Jose Saramago

This is probably my all-time favorite dystopian novel. I’m not into the likes of The Hunger Games because they seem too childish and unlikely to me.

But Saramago’s novels have their own charm, and this one is the best if you’d like to give the Portuguese author a try. It’s about a blindness epidemic that affects everyone in a community except the wife of a doctor. When people start being put in institutions because the law officials understand that it’s a contagious condition, she goes to the hospital with her husband even if she isn’t blind. She tells everyone that she is, though.

This novel had a profound impact on me because I got to read about how people can really be when they’re struck by a disaster. They aren’t capable of working together. Instead, they will always seek to be above others and have more food, better shelter, and even abuse other individuals if they have enough power. It might seem dark, but it’s a great read, and I suggest you give it a try.


Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

This book was another surprise for me because I had already read some stuff by Eugenides. However, the only novel I had the opportunity of reading before was The Marriage Plot, and that one didn’t really strike a chord with me.

This one, however, blew me away. It starts as the story of a Greek family and how a husband and wife moved to America. But pretty soon in the book, we find out that these two are brothers, and while they might love each other, something bad (genetics) would happen due to their blood bound. Even if that mutation doesn’t occur when they have kids, it does when they have grandkids. And that bizarre development consists of Cal Stephanides, a little girl who later on becomes a man.

While it might sound weird, I loved every page of this book, and the parts where the saga of the family is described are truly the best. Eugenides is a very talented writer, and he manages to make his readers empathize with his characters even if they have nothing in common with them.