Mexican food I love


If you’re about to travel or study in Mexico, you’re probably already eager to try out all the best dishes the exotic country has to offer. It has many US, Spanish, Maya, and Aztec influences that people find unique and delicious. Mexican food is famous in the US and around the world because it has bold flavors and elaborate recipes that only use fresh ingredients.

In fact, it was even named part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Down below you have my favorite recipes I’ve tried while backpacking across the borders of our neighbor.

Huevos rancheros

Let’s start our foody list with one of the best Mexican dishes for breakfast. It will wake you up instantly and fuel you with energy so you’ll be up to any challenge. Huevos rancheros are fried eggs, just like your classic morning meal, but with a twist. On the side, you can usually find corn tortillas and salsa. They’re easy to make, even before you had your coffee, and they go well with beans and avocado.



Pozole is a traditional soup that dates back to the turbulent times of the Aztec people when it was part of many meaningful rituals. It’s made from hominy, which is dried maize kernels, mixed with pork. You can also add toppings such as cabbage, onion and garlic, chili peppers or avocado, which seems to be present in all Mexican dishes. Nowadays, Mexican people eat pozole when they want to celebrate important events such as the Mexican Independence Day or Christmas.

Mole poblano

This is something that can be found across the continent and not only in Mexico, although it is mostly considered their national dish.

It is a variety of mole or a mix of sauces used in Mexican cuisine. The sauce is thick, and it is made out of more than 20 ingredients, from chili peppers to chocolate, which gives it a fantastic and pleasing range of flavors. It too is reserved for special occasions, such as weddings and birthdays.



For our final food delivery, we have the ever-so-famous tacos. I couldn’t end this and not talk about the most cherished Mexican snack. If you already had tacos in the USA, you must try them in Mexico City, to feel the authentic taste. Tacos can be prepared in many ways, with meat or with vegetables, and they are usually wrapped in a corn shell or even in lettuce. It is a diverse type of food that is often described as an explosion of pleasure for your taste buds.

This list does not even begin to cover even the most basic of the foods Mexico has to offer. It would take years to discover the dishes of each region. But if you are a food lover, a trip to the country is a must, especially since everything is so cheap there.

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