Why Taking Care Of Your Feet Is Important


Both of our feet combined make up a quarter of the total number of bones in our bodies and 6% of the muscles. Even so, we often overlook them, considering there are other parts of our bodies that need to be handled.

However, if you want to live a healthy life and keep wearing heels when you go out or run at a marathon, you need to start paying attention to your feet as well. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should look after this part of your body.

Toenail conditions

Wearing uncomfortable shoes all the time can result in something more than just blisters and calluses. Your toenails are quite sensitive and can easily develop specific conditions that might jeopardize your health.

A fungal infection, for instance, will cause pain and discoloration to the nails, making them look less appealing, and even forcing you to wear closed-toe shoes in the summer. On the other hand, ingrown toenails can often lead to swelling, irritations, redness, and pain. If you want to avoid these conditions, you need to properly look after your feet and choose shoes that offer increased skin ventilation.



People with diabetes have a hard time healing, living with open wounds for months or even years in a row. Untreated, these wounds can lead to further infections that can cause a series of health problems, and even the amputation of legs.

Another problem most people with diabetes face is poor blood circulation that will cause your feet to swell and feel painful throughout the day. The easiest way to prevent this is to exercise constantly and wear comfortable shoes that can absorb all shocks and won’t put additional pressure on your feet and legs.



Arthritis represents a health condition that causes the lining of the joints and the cartilage to become inflamed and swollen. It is painful and, unfortunately, untreatable. However, with the right medication and mild physical activity, pain can diminish and people suffering from arthritis can live a normal life.

If you want to prevent tender joints, swelling, redness, morning stiffness, and other symptoms associated with arthritis, you should look after your feet. Avoid standing for hours or wearing uncomfortable shoes. Wear weather-appropriate clothes and boost your body mobility by taking calcium and vitamin D supplements.


Skin problems

Corns, calluses, psoriasis, warts, and athlete’s foot represent conditions and skin problems often caused by poor hygiene and fungus.

These problems usually cause mild and short-term discomfort and can be easily treated with meds and with better foot hygiene. Wearing the right shoes, washing them and changing socks often, as well as some baths from Epsom salt can help you heal faster and reduce swelling and inflammation.

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